SPCG realizes that advanced research and development are relevant to the solar conversion efficiency to electricity. We continuously record various data of weather situation including light intensity, temperature, and wind velocity over all our solar farms in Northeastern region of Thailand. We collect these following data on the daily basis, every 5 minutes.

  1. The light intensity is recorded at the specific location by Pyranometerwhich is in the dome shape. We collect the two kinds of data by two pyranometers. The one is horizontal collection of light intensity and another one is set to have the same angle as the solar module exposure to sun light. When the solar radiation ejecta, the thermopile makes the difference of temperature on the surface of both sides. The white side qualifies the reflection of solar radiation and the black side qualifies the absorption of solar radiation and makes the voltage. The voltage under thermoelectric is around 5-10mV (mili-volt) per square centimeter-minute.
  2. Temperature data is recorded for both weather temperature and temperature at the back of the solar modulein term of peak sun (hours per day) by using electrical thermometer.The weather temperature depends on many factors such as amount of cloud, speed of wind, and environment around the location. And the temperature at the back of the solar module is to accumulate heat from the sun all day. Both temperature data are recorded in term of statistic data to indicate the weathercondition each day.
  3. Wind velocity is recorded at specific location by Anemometer to measure the air dynamic flow that goes through the arms f anemometer in term of meter per second. It quantifies the speed of the revolution of the center of anemometer to calculate the speed of the airflow at certain time duration.
All factors are recordedas data for research and development to approximate the weather condition in the future and even more precisely forecast the daily energy output from the solar farm. Moreover, such data is not only the benefit of SPCG, but also profit to the public knowledge when combining with government authority’s data to use as additional source of data to even more accurately forecast the weather and to protect any natural disasters.
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